Alpaca Fleece and Angora Wool
Roving Prices
​Cleaned (VM picked out) and Proffionally Roved by Ohio Valley Fiber Mill
$5 oz
Alpaca fleece is warmer than sheeps wool and is as soft as Angora.  It's a favorite for spinning into yarn and turning into felt.
"Camando" our Fawn Alpaca
Felted Fleece Animals

​​​​​Growing up I always had a love of nature and animals.
I started painting and doing crafts early on. After graduating
from The Cleveland Institute of Art I worked for
American Greetings in Cleveland, Ohio and now have
my own gallery in Tucson, Arizona. I never stopped freelancing.
Be it in Painting portraits, landscapes, designing & sewing
wedding gowns or doing some kind of art that was challenging
and new. I have recently found the joy of needle-felt art.
I smile at these little creatures that come to life while I am
working with the wool.
Thank you for your support.
Mary Beth Rosenthal ( Annie Cooper's Big Sister)

About the Artist