Sunset Meadow Rabbits
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Rabbitry number D227

Joey and Lillian participated in their first rabbit show.  1st place and BOS Silver Fox Doe.  1st place and BOB English Angora Buck. 2nd place Silver Fox Buck
RIP Mr. Huffington :(
Beatrice Formally known as Chi-Pet, English Angora Doe has one leg and has won BOV at the only two shows she competed in.
Historically the English Angora Rabbit is very interesting.  Starting during the time of the Romans, at least 100 B.C.
Angoras were extablished in Eastern Europe around 500-600 A.D. 

Angora rabbits were called Angolas (funny becauase it sounds like my maiden name Anne Golias:) until recently as the 1800's.  Angolas described by the Romanian tribes as "un-unscratchy)

Angoras were a pet of roaylty in France.  The Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, kept pet angoras in the palace. Of course until she was beheaded, the same day all her Angoras were brutally destroyed.
Ch'aska is a Grand Champion and has 1st in fur classes.
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